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Scott Tennant on Rhythm and Metronome

Guitarist Scott Tenant talks about the importance of rhythm and practicing with the metronome

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We are joined this week by one of the most famous classical guitarists out there. A Grammy Award winning member of LAGQ and professor at USC Thornton School of Music, Scott Tennant answers a few questions for us:

1) Why is rhythm important?

Rhythm is what gives music variety and order. Without it notes could float anywhere.

2) How often do you practice with a metronome?

I practiced with it every day when I was a student. Now I use it to check tempos for myself, set goals, and to keep students steady.

"I use the metronome to check tempos for myself, set goals, and to keep students steady."

3) Why is it important to practice with a metronome?

It helps fuse our mind with our fingers (if you’re a guitarist, pianist or string player), or breath (if you’re a singer or wind player).

4) Can you name one thing that you like about the metronome on

I like its convenience, and ease of use.

Scott Tennant on Rhythm and Metronome

Scott Tennant

Scott Tennant is a founding member of the the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, the GRAMMY- winning ensemble composed entirely of alumni of the USC Thornton School of Music, and is himself considered to be one of the world’s top classical guitarists. During his student years at USC (1980-1986), he studied with Pepe Romero, James Smith and was a chosen performer in the USC Segovia Masterclasses of 1981 and 1986. He has authored several books and articles on guitar technique, including the best-seller Pumping Nylon, which has attained a “cult” classic status. It has become a standard text in conservatory and university guitar programs around the world.

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