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A440 Hz

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In compound time signatures (e.g. 6/8) the beat and metronome tempo is usually set to a dotted quarter note (3 eighth notes group per beat).




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Practice Basics

Tips on fundamentals of practicing with the metronome.

Practice Tips

Inspire your music practice through interviews and thoughts of master musicians.

Timing is Everything...

There are some of us in the guitar playing community who just enjoy a strum every now and again (who doesn’t?) and then others who like to put a more formal...
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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Recent articles

Inspirational stories from master musicians, diverse perspectives on rhythm, and tips on how to practice and perform music.

5 Ways to Navigate Memory Slips

Ah, the memory slips. We don’t want them, we don’t like them, but somehow they creep up every now and then and make our presence on stage that much more awkward. Or even worse, they grow from simple bumps on the road to hills that we cannot conquer and we simply must skip the section ...
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5 Ways to Memorize Music

Memorization, visualization and repetition are all parts of a daily practice routine. After days, weeks and months of such practicing, our fingers start to take over and we spend less time looking at the music and simply playing. This means we have memorized what we are practicing. What if we are pressed for time and ...
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5 Air Travel Tips for Musicians

We have all heard our fair share of horror stories when it comes to musicians traveling. While a musical instrument is on many airlines considered a personal item, there is still a strong chance that an airline representative will feel obliged to not grant airplane entry with a musical instrument. With guitars and cellos smashed ...
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