ARTIST FEATURE: We are joined this week by flutist extraordinaire. From Broadway to classical stages, we have heard her with Los Angeles Chamber OrchestraLA Phil and movies like Disney’s The Jungle Book (2016), Ice Age: Collision Course, @Fast & Furious 7 & 8, The Wolverine, Tron, Straight Outta Compton and many more. Let’s see what Sara Andon has to say about rhythm:

1) Why is rhythm important?

“Rhythm” is all around us, above us, below us and inside of us. It is all encompassing in our conscious and subconscious – it is the energy of life. There are countless rhythms going on all of the time on macro and micro levels, from a pulsating star 500 million light years away, to the changing of our earthly seasons, day going to night, in rain drops, ocean waves, every bird call in the trees with its own unique patterns to our very own internal heart beat. Rhythm has meaning – it is in all languages in all life forms, visually, audibly, physically, and is ever present. Rhythm helps us to create and communicate.

2) How often do you practice with a metronome?

Every day, in many different ways, varied patterns, speeds and subdivisions, as well as practicing with the metronome on the “off-beats”. Also, I love to record myself daily and record with the metronome, and without. I then play back the recording that was done without the metronome and put the metronome on with my recording to study and listen carefully to where it was exactly in the pocket and what areas need more loving attention! This all helps to heighten the awareness and accuracy. It also allows me to zero in on troubleshooting methods and problem solving, embracing different mental approaches and /or physical approaches to reach the end result. It is always great to be discovering new ways to achieve one’s best and keep moving forward.

Metronome is a “musical moral compass”!

3) Why is it important to practice with a metronome?

Life in general is full of intentions, decisions and actions and to me the metronome is a “musical moral compass”! It invites and encourages honesty, consistency, reliability, challenge, motivation, goals, loyalty, responsibility, tough love and gives a solid frame work for growth, expansion and creativity.

4) Can you name one thing that you like about the metronome on

Metronome Online gives you a clear, simple way to organize, implement and succeed with short and long term goals.

Check out Sara’s performance by award-winning composer Jeff Beal.  “The Dove Keepers” for Flute and Orchestra written for her based on his Emmy-nominated score for the CBS TV Mini-Series that she played on.