At times it can be a struggle for a musician to fit daily practice in around friends, family and employment. An obvious truth is that the more practice you invest in your playing; the better you will become. However not everyone has the time to play for 6 or so hours a day.

So the solution is to find the most worthwhile things to practice so that precious time is not wasted.

By studying my “Guitarist’s Philosophy”, consisting of three main tenets, you can easily come up with the ideal things to practice in order to achieve your goals:


Let’s say that a guitarist has only roughly 45 minutes a day to practice guitar. That’s not very good – But perfectly acceptable. 45 minutes is more than enough to make some sort of progress if the above philosophy is referenced and used properly. Mastery of musical understanding need not be practiced every day, as it is something that a guitarist learns over time. It’s true that all three of the tenets are learned over time but daily practice of Physical capability and Creativity is far more important.

The guitarist in this example is a beginner.  He or she wants to feel more familiar with the minor scale and also wants to improve his or her lead work.

Using the Guitarist Philosophy, this guitarist can create a practice schedule to suit them and their time restraints.

Here’s an idea of an effective practice schedule for the example guitarist:

Now, consider your estimated time restraints and immediate goals and fill this out for yourself: