Virtual Guitar Orchestra, the first ever global guitar initiative, which started during the Covid pandemic, has united more than 350 guitarists from more than 50 different countries. Now with the second project out called Scient, Safe & Sane – which is a piece composed for the initiative by acclaimed guitarist and composer Sergio Assad – the VGO has been setting new parameters of quality virtual chamber music making.

It is rhythm that is the glue that allows us to play together.

Recording all the parts during this process involved a lot of understanding of how the rhythm works. As we all know, rhythm is something that not only produces groove, but can also set a parameter for multiple people to play in sync, playing in person or far apart from each other. It is rhythm that is the glue that allows us to play together. Virtual Guitar Orchestra’s project Scient, Safe and Sane took this quite literally, having 200 guitarists sync up to a pre-set tempo, and making sure everyone was following the click-track/metronome. This way we were able to pull off an effort of monumental proportions.

Check out how this performance where really no guitarist is sitting in the same room with another, and yet, it all feels ‘together’.