The metronome is a very important tool for all musicians, especially guitarists. Many guitarists are self-taught, more than most players of other instruments. Because of this, guitarists miss many of the rudiments of music.

One of the areas where guitarists commonly have problems is rhythm. It is common to see many able-fingered guitar players struggle with this very important aspect of music. A main reason guitarists have trouble with rhythm is that many refuse to practice with a metronome. Some common attitudes guitarists (and many other musicians) have about practicing with a metronome are:

– It is boring

– It is unnecessary. A good sense of timing is always internal

– “Real” musicians don’t train with a metronome, they just “feel” the time

These and many more misconceptions about metronomes plague the guitar-world to a high degree. The reality is that the metronome holds many benefits for guitar players. Proper practice with a metronome will allow the guitarist:

– To understand rhythm better and play the guitar in a more knowledgeable way

– To improve greatly and sound more professional

– To get better work as a guitar player and more fans

Ultimately, the metronome should be seen as a ‘personal trainer’ for any musician, guitarist or otherwise.  A metronome makes it possible for any musician, whether professional or novice, to benefit from this time-tested tool.