FINGER STRETCHING FOR GUITARISTS: You Don’t Need To Be A Gymnast To Stretch!

Have you ever picked up a tune and felt that your left hand is just not cutting it? One fret seems so far away from the other, while the fingers are rebelling? How about picking up the instrument early in the morning and going for some hardcore chords? I bet the fingers feel tight and don’t want to do the bidding!

These and many more are the reasons for us to consider stretching our left hand fingers well, to be able to pull off the usual gymnastics like pros. Let’s take a look at two different approaches, one horizontal and the other vertical.

This vertical stretching exercise encompasses a simultaneous movement of a pair of left hand fingers as they move in opposite directions tackling the following combination of strings: 4&2, then 5&2, then 6&2 and finally 6&1. The important thing to remember is that one finger shouldn’t move before the other. They should absolutely be moving in a simultaneous manner.

The horizontal stretching exercise as showcased here will certainly give your left hand fingers a run for the money! Try using the fingering that you see in the video below and repeat what you hear. The key is to have the fingers in steady and firm position even while stretching. You shouldn’t move and adjust the left hand position (bend the fingers etc) at all in order to fully feel the stretch between finger 2 and 3. Btw going up is even more difficult than going down the neck.

Practice well and stay safe!
Mak Grgic