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Folk Rhythms Demand a Feel!

Principle Double Bassist of LA Opera Nathan Farrington shares insights on the importance of rhythm and practicing with the metronome.

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ARTIST FEATURE: From singing to classical bass – from band to symphony orchestras. Meet Nate Farrington, principal double bassist of the LA Opera! We couldn’t be happier that he agreed to answer a few questions for us in this week’s artist feature:

1) How do you practice your rhythm and sense of time?

I try to ask myself what role rhythm is playing in the moment and then determine the best way to attack it. Sometimes that’s with a metronome, other times it’s about investing harder in listening in the group.

2) What are your favorite rhythmic exercises?

Playing in a band away from classical music demands rhythm from me in a very different, very helpful way. It’s my favorite rhythmic exercise.

"I try to ask myself what role rhythm is playing in the moment and then determine the best way to attack it."

3) What exotic rhythms do you like and what can we learn from it?

I think that folk rhythms demand a feel and a comfort level that you can’t just fake. It takes time to have a relationship with certain lilts and the right types of back rhythms. Sometimes they’re exotic, sometimes they’re simple, but it’s never easy to get them just right.

4) Can you name one thing that you like about the metronome on

I love that Metronome Online is a place to go for more than a machine. seeing and hearing from fabulous players across lots of genres keeps me thinking about the role rhythm plays in all of our lives.

VIDEO: Check out this one man band rendition of Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song done by Nathan Farrington:

Folk Rhythms Demand a Feel!

Nathan Farrington

Nathan Farrington has been the principal bassist for LA Opera since 2016. He regularly appears in the bass sections of many of America's top orchestras including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony, the New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, the East Coast Chamber Orchestra, and the Seattle Symphony.

He also pursues chamber music and solo opportunities avidly. He has appeared at the Marlboro Music Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, the Olympic Music Festival, ChamberFest Cleveland, and at the Da Camera Society. Wherever he is performing, Nathan makes sure to take along his trusty guitar and pairs singing and playing operatic arias and folk songs alongside his bass playing.

In addition to his performance interests, Nathan is deeply interested in cinema. His LA based audio company, Hazard Audio, connects top classical minds, with the artistic minds in movie and TV production. His life in each of these fields has helped him engage in new and interesting projects highlighting the natural strengths of each of the two worlds.

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