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Finding My Voice

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

i put on the crown of the kingdom stretch these arms ride these wings i jump into shells when the waves come the kind in which the ocean sings...

Entertaining Memories in Classical Guitar Performance

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

As one of the up and coming talents in classical guitar, Mak Grgic has performed all over the world. He recently finished a tour as opening act for...

An Unexpected Series of Events: Creating a Career Composing for Games, Film, TV and Beyond

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

Suspenseful, emotional, epic, heroic -- Bill Brown has composed award-winning scores for hit video games, film, and TV with franchise names as large...

Inspiring, World Famous Black Musicians From Different Eras

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

There are many black musicians who made their mark in American history. The music of these talented composers and performers transcended cultural...

10 Essential Fitness Exercises for Musicians

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

Whether a singer or instrumentalist, as musicians we have a lot to consider: tone, breathing, timing, etc. With so much on our minds we can forget...

Can Chinese Music Education Inspire United States?

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

When I first arrived in the United States in 1984, I encountered a vibrant collegiate Jazz scene. University Jazz ensembles had slowly started to...

Improve Your Musical Rhythm with These Metronome Exercises

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

One of the best ways to develop a stronger sense of rhythm and timing is by practicing basic clapping exercises with the metronome. All you need...

The Secret Life of a Pianist: Hidden Challenges

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

The other day, a musician-friend of mine was praising on Facebook a recent performance by Yo-Yo Ma. He wrote, “You all know how great Yo-Yo is. But...

Creative Practice with the Metronome

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

A few years ago I had the privilege of taking a lesson with jazz drumming legend Joe Morello.   Mr. Morello’s time feel and note placement were...

Metronome Online's Favorite Music

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

If you have been fans of our site for a while you’ve probably noticed that we’ve made some major changes to what we offer here at Metronome...


Our Artists

The master musicians that offer their thoughts are the core of our mission. They inspire us to keep going and they provide insights into the life of a musician, the struggles we all face - as students of music, as learners, as people. These musicians are not only masters in their own field but wonderful selfless people who help share our love for music and pass on the rich musical tradition of our planet.


Concert Pianist & Recording Artist



Soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player



Award-winning composer and creative force



Classical guitarist and one of the founders of Eurostrings



Award-winning singer-songwriter whose voice and songs have appeared in over 150 films and television shows


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