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How Do Professional Musicians Practice?


We know you have been meaning to practice more. Why else would you be here on this page? Sitting down and actually practicing can seem intimidating...

I Am Not an Accompanist

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

A version of this article was published in The California Music Teacher Magazine, Vol 41, Fall 2017. It has been adapted for this publication with...

Finding My Voice


Since the 1990s, Lisbeth Scott has been making music for Hollywood, from Munich to The Chronicles of Narnia to True Blood. Writing and recording for...

The Secret Life of a Pianist: Hidden Challenges

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

The other day, a musician-friend of mine was praising on Facebook a recent performance by Yo-Yo Ma. He wrote, “You all know how great Yo-Yo is. But...

Voice Separation on Piano

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

One of the beauties of being a pianist is that we are blessed with a breadth of beautiful repertoire that spans centuries. Another blessing is that...

Improving Your Tone on the Piano

Words by     LIFE IN MUSIC

To be honest, I do not do any exercises to work on my tone, and I’m not actually aware of any such exercises. This is not to say that there...

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