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An Unexpected Series of Events: Creating a Career Composing for Games, Film, TV and Beyond


Suspenseful, emotional, epic, heroic -- Bill Brown has composed award-winning scores for hit video games, film, and TV with franchise names as large...

Making a Living as a Guitar Player

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Here are some ways I've paid the bills as a musician: Working in a Record Store Working in a Guitar Store Running Sound at a Nightclub Teaching...

Every Gig is a Job Interview

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Most people go on several job interviews, get a job and that's it. But with side musicians, every job is an interview. Generally we are hired one...

Dealing with Artistic Burnout

Words by     PRACTICE TIPS

Hey Larry, I wanted to message you to ask for some advice. Over the past year and a half, I've been slowly turning away from music. Cody and I...

Tips for a Long-Term Career as a Professional, Working Bassist

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In my experience as a professional bassist, these tips are helpful to keep in mind as you develop in your career. 1. Top-notch, professional...

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