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Paul Cardall – Rhythm is the Heartbeat of Music

Pianist Paul Cardall shares insights on the importance of rhythm and practicing with the metronome

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ARTIST FEATURE: We are joined this week by pianist, composer and a survivor of complex congenital heart defect. This multi Billboard No. 1 charting artist coined the term Peaceful Piano to listeners world-wide. Meet Paul Cardall and see what he has to say about rhythm:

1) Why is rhythm important?

Rhythm is the heartbeat of music. Ironically, I was born with only half a heart and experienced irregular heart rhythm until receiving a heart transplant over a decade ago. As a self-taught pianist, years ago, when I started out composing my music I also didn’t have perfect rhythm… Unfortunately, a cardiologist cannot perform cardioversion on a pianist. You can, however, prescribe a metronome.

2) How often do you practice with a metronome?

As an improvisational pianist I rely on a metronome in the recording studio in my in-ears particularly so an arranger can be more efficient in writing the score additional instruments.

"Rhythm is the heartbeat of music."

3) Why is it important to practice with a metronome?

Practice makes perfect. Keeping rhythm is not always easy, which is why your metronome ads such value to the process of perfecting performance. Even though I utilize a lot of ritardando in my pieces, the metronome helps me stay consistent and predictable when performing with other players.

4) Can you name one thing that you like about the metronome on

Who wants to carry around a inch by 4 inch-square base pendulum? This is brilliant and enables players to be more efficient on the go.

Paul Cardall – Rhythm is the Heartbeat of Music

Paul Cardall

Paul Cardall battled long odds from birth, eventually triumphing over a serious heart disability to earn distinction as an outstanding composer and pianist. In 1997 he first won widespread notice by setting author Richard Paul Evans’ No. 1 NY Times best-seller ​The Christmas Box​ to music. Recognized by Steinway & Sons as one of the finest pianists in the world, Cardall’s achievements range from releasing 11 Billboard No. 1 chart-topping albums to recently winning the Gospel Music Association Dove Award for Instrumental Album of The Year for his album, ​Christmas​. Cardall’s entrepreneurial activities include founding and directing the Stone Angel Music label and recording studio, promoting medical research, and providing scholarships for congenital heart disease through his foundation. Cardall’s music has included works for piano, vocal, band, and orchestral settings. On his latest album, ​Peaceful Piano​, he returns to his solo performance roots while exploring complete real-ti​me improvisation for the first time. ​Peaceful Piano​ is currently nominated by A2IM Liberia Awards for Classical Album of the Year. Cardall records for Anthem Entertainment, whose roster includes; RUSH, Timbaland, and Jose Feliciano.

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