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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I download the trial?
A: Click here for instructions on how to download the trial version.

Q: Which phones support the Cell Phone Metronome?
A: J2ME enabled phones, which is pretty much any cell phone released in the past 4-5 years. If unsure whether your phone can support the application, please download the free trial first. Verizon, Blackberry, iPhone or Android phones are currently NOT supported. Touch screen phones also might not work correctly due to key mapping issues.

Q: What are the Methods of Payment?
A: We accept online credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

Q: Is my credit card secure?
A: YES. Comodo SSL Certificate is used to provide secure credit card processing on our Website. The certificate features the highest 256-bit secure processing of confidential information. We do not keep your credit card information on file, so your information is completely safe. All credit card transactions on this web site are processed by PayPal Pro, the industry leader in providing reliable real-time eCommerce services. PayPal Pro securely manages all customer data in accordance with consumer data protection laws enacted worldwide, including data handling, storage, and security.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No, we do not offer refunds for full licenses. Please download the fully functional 7-day free trial first if you need to check your phone compatibility and to test the application.

Q: How do I download the metronome I purchased?
A: If you provide your cell number during checkout, you will receive an SMS with the download link. Click the link to go to our site and click on the "Metronome download" to download the application. You will also receive the download link in your email. Enter the link into your phone browser to go to our site and click on the "Metronome download" to download the application. Licensed download is PER PHONE and there is a 30-day limit to download the application. If a new phone is purchased, a new license and new download are required.

Q: I have trouble with the link in the SMS. What do I do?
A: Please try entering the full url you received in your email confirmation into the phone browser manually. This will initiate the download.

Q: Does the phone need to be connected to the web every time I use the metronome or will it use up my phone minutes?
A: NO. Once downloaded, the metronome does not connect to the Internet or use any phone minutes. You might incur fees when you download the metronome based on the phone plan that you have with your current phone provider. If you don't have an Internet plan, they will usually charge data fees per KB downloaded. The application is roughly 100KB.


Q: How do I start/stop the metronome?
A: Use you LEFT "SOFT KEY" OR "SELECT" button to start and stop the metronome.

Q: How do I change the tempo?
A: Use "left" and "right" buttons to change metronome speed. Press and hold the button for fast tempo changes.

Q: How do I play the A440 tuning note?
A: Use "left" and "right" buttons to navigate to below 40 or above 208 bpm, or select A440 from the options menu.

Q: How accurate is the cell phone metronome?
A: In our tests the timing has always been extremely steady. We found minimal inconsistencies with the tempo playback speed, where a 80BPM speed might be played at roughly 79BPM, and similar. However, such inaccuracies are non-relevant for music purposes and should not affect your practice since the beats have always been steady and consistent. The metronome uses MIDI to control the timing and is therefore prone to such minimal inaccuracies based on the phone's hardware and software.

Q: I have a Nokia phone and cannot hear the click?
A: We have found out that on some Nokias turning on warning and game tones in the sound profile seems to fix the problem.

Need more help?
Please feel free to contact us at info@metronomeonline.com and our support staff will answer your question right away.