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Inspiring, World Famous Black Musicians From Different Eras

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There are many black musicians who made their mark in American history. The music of these talented composers and performers transcended cultural...

10 Essential Fitness Exercises for Musicians

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Whether a singer or instrumentalist, as musicians we have a lot to consider: tone, breathing, timing, etc. With so much on our minds we can forget...

Improve Your Musical Rhythm with These Metronome Exercises

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One of the best ways to develop a stronger sense of rhythm and timing is by practicing basic clapping exercises with the metronome. All you need...

Metronome Online's Favorite Music

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If you have been fans of our site for a while you’ve probably noticed that we’ve made some major changes to what we offer here at Metronome...

Is Opera for Everyone?

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The answer to the titular question is, of course, no.  There are some people – possibly even a large faction of people – who will either never...

Why the Roman Numerals?

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You may have run across some sheet music or transcriptions that use Roman numerals instead of chord names. Even if you haven’t yet, you’ll be...

The “Sonority” of Andrés Segovia's Sound

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The “sonority” of Andrés Segovia's sound so often commented on is in part caused by his use of equal parts flesh and nail of his right hand. As...

Minor Pentatonic Scale Phrasing Lesson

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This week we are going to learn a simple device to help you build coherent phrases with the Pentatonic or Blues Scales. We are going to use just a...

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