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Is Opera for Everyone?

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

The answer to the titular question is, of course, no.  There are some people – possibly even a large faction of people – who will either never...

Why the Roman Numerals?

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

You may have run across some sheet music or transcriptions that use Roman numerals instead of chord names. Even if you haven’t yet, you’ll be...

The “Sonority” of Andrés Segovia's Sound

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

The “sonority” of Andrés Segovia's sound so often commented on is in part caused by his use of equal parts flesh and nail of his right hand. As...

How to Practice Music

Words by     PRACTICE TIPS

No matter which instrument you are trying to master, there are some basic considerations you may want to keep in mind. RHYTHM In order to...

Minor Pentatonic Scale Phrasing Lesson

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

This week we are going to learn a simple device to help you build coherent phrases with the Pentatonic or Blues Scales. We are going to use just a...

Minimal, Effective Guitar Practice

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

At times it can be a struggle for a musician to fit daily practice in around friends, family and employment. An obvious truth is that the more...

The Importance of the Metronome to Guitar Players

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

The metronome is a very important tool for all musicians, especially guitarists. Many guitarists are self-taught, more than most players of other...

Perseverance in Practice

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

Perseverance in practice is absolutely, 100% fundamental. Persisting and moving past what you previously found difficult or impossible, is what lets...

Using Your Metronome Effectively: Practice Tips and Techniques

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

Nearly every music student has been told by their teacher to "Practice with a metronome." Metronome practice is arguably the most effective way to...

Timing is Everything…

Words by     CONTRIBUTED

There are some of us in the guitar playing community who just enjoy a strum every now and again (who doesn’t?) and then others who like to put a...


Our Artists

The master musicians that offer their thoughts are the core of our mission. They inspire us to keep going and they provide insights into the life of a musician, the struggles we all face - as students of music, as learners, as people. These musicians are not only masters in their own field but wonderful selfless people who help share our love for music and pass on the rich musical tradition of our planet.


Concert Pianist & Recording Artist



Soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player



Award-winning composer and creative force



Classical guitarist and one of the founders of Eurostrings



Award-winning singer-songwriter whose voice and songs have appeared in over 150 films and television shows


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